Opt Out Request Form

Verified California residents have the right:

  • to receive disclosure about our data collection practices;  
  • to receive a list of the categories of personal information sold or shared and the category of third party recipients and a list of the categories of personal information that we disclosed for a business purpose;
  • to receive a copy of the specific information we have collected about you;
  • to request that we correct personal information about you where the information we hold is incorrect;
  • to opt out of having personal information about you sold;
  • to opt out of having personal information about you shared with third parties for behavioral cross context marketing purposes;
  • to opt out of having sensitive personal information about you processed for purposes other than for which it was originally collected; and  
  • to request that we delete (and direct our service providers to delete) your personal information subject to certain exceptions.

To respond to your request you will need to follow two steps: (1) select what you would like us to do from a list of options; and (2) verify your identity to enable us to link the information we hold to your verified identity. The verification process helps ensure that we are honoring your requests for information about you, and not about someone else.

We will match information you provide here with our records so that we have a reasonable or reasonably high degree of certainty that you are the individual you claim to be.
For requests for specific information about you, information correction, and for deletion of your information, please print, complete, sign and email us the Verification Declaration available here at privacy@joinbranded.com.

If you are making the request as an authorized agent of the above individual please email the Power Of Attorney or other written authorization to privacy@joinbranded.com. Notice to current, former and prospective employees: please contact HR or log into the employee portal to understand your CPRA rights and how to exercise them. If you have questions, please submit them below:

Since we operate many brands, please provide us with the name of the brand you are accessing this request through.

Please confirm the above information is correct and that you would like to submit this request. If you are requesting the deletion of information, please confirm that you are requesting delete information as required by the CCPA, other laws, and/or per your request.

Thank you! Your submission has been received!
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